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Why us?

If you've made it to this page we'll presume you like the look of our photographs, so thank you. You probably want to get to know us a bit better and understand what you'll get by booking us that you might not get with other photographers. Well that's what this page is all about, so read on.


The style of photography that your photographs are taken in is of course very important. It says a lot about you as a couple and the style of wedding that you are both planning. Do you like moody black and whites, bright clean images or intimate portraits that are rich and earthy? Another important thing to think about is whether you are after a relaxed and informal candid approach or more of a traditional posed style of photography.


We personally love a natural style. We adore candid photography, catching you and your guests off-guard when you're laughing and smiling. The intimate moments that you might forget after the day is over. But this doesn't mean we don't like some of the traditional things; the confetti shots, the family portraits or an intimate portrait of you as a couple. Although our style is generally quite natural and unobtrusive, we love to add an artistic flair to our photography and so if you're after a moody back and white image taken in the woodland behind your wedding venue then let us know. If you're after that perfect family portrait then let us know. We'll work with you to make sure that your wedding portfolio is unique and memorable.

bride and groom walkin in field at sunset with dogs on wedding day
bridesmaid and husband smiling with flowers at a wedding

What we include

Our most common package is the full day package. This package involves us being at your wedding from the morning, when you're both getting ready, right the way through to just after your first dance - when you and your guests start to get your groove on but just before everyone gets a little to tipsy to be around the cameras...

Over the week after your wedding we'll spend time going through all of the photographs from your day (this can sometimes be over a thousand), and reduce the number down to around 400/500 images. These will all be professionally edited and sent to you digitally on a USB flash drive.

Meeting up

Once you've booked in with us we'll arrange to meet up with one another. This could be over a coffee at a local cafe or over a pint up the pub, whatever suits you best. This will be a chance to talk about your day and go through things in detail to help us understand how to capture your wedding as perfectly as possible.


It's also a chance for us to get to know one another and to feel comfortable around each other. We wouldn't want to turn up on your wedding day having never before spoken a single word to one another and expect you to feel comfortable having us follow you around for the next twelve hours. It wouldn't work and we wouldn't get the photographs that you want so badly.

groom, bestmen, bestman and groomsmen hugging ouside of a church on a weddin day
group photo of peopl at sunset at a weddn

It's what we do

Photography is our life. We aren't part-time photographers. We don't photograph weddings on the side, this is our profession. We've both been taking photographs professionally for a number of years now and we absolutely love it. We also absolutely love people. Getting to know new couples and having the privilege of being involved in one of the biggest and happiest days of your lives is an opportunity that always excites us and it makes us want to absolutely nail our jobs, and catch all of the amazing moments on camera.

So why book us? We're not married but don't get us wrong we think we speak for all married couples when we say that the last thing you want, is to spend the first couple of hours of your married life with a photographer that you don't get on with barking orders at you and telling you how to have fun. Having your photo taken with every combination of family member that is physically possible. While you are stood there, or worse yet whilst you're all jumping in the air simultaneously, what you're missing is your wedding day! All of the smiling faces and laughs that your guests are having whilst you've been pulled aside to take the seventh photo of you and your father in law. Of course there will be some shots you want taken with family and of course we're more than happy to take these photographs. We can make a list of these photographs and plan them before hand so that they can be taken with haste. But as wedding photographers, we're there to photograph your wedding as it unfolds naturally. No props, no cheese, no acrobatics, just there to document the results of all your meticulous planning. Capturing all of the little details and interactions that make your big day the special day that it is.